Cheluna Brewing Company

Stanley Marketplace opened in 2016. It's a food-centric collection of businesses, and Cheluna is the craft brewery in residence. A few things make Cheluna remarkable. First of all, you'll notice a wide range of beer styles--from German to Belgian to American and Mexican. There's truly something for everyone. Additionally, Cheluna is available for hire if you want a custom brew (say, for your wedding). As for the tasting room, live music is common here. And if you get hungry, order in food from one of the neighboring restaurants...your meal will be delivered straight to your barstool!
Lowrider Mexican Lager, Palida IPA, La Morena Hefeweizen and Belga Saison.
Tap Hours
5pm-9pm Mon-Tues
1pm-10pm Wed-Sun
2501 Dallas St., Suite 148
Aurora, CO 80010