Coors Brewing Company

This is where it all began. In 1873, Adolph Coors picked this location because of the incomparable quality of the local water. And today, MillerCoors continues to produce a variety of beers here at the world's largest single site brewery. The self-guided tour includes individual audio and an inside-peek at the company's history and its complex brewing/packaging process. And even better, you end the tour at a gift shop and tasting room that features a complimentary glass of beer!
Coors, Coors Light, Blue Moon Belgian White, and George Killian's Irish Red.
Tap Hours
10am-4pm Mon-Sat
12pm-5pm Sun
Guided Tours
When: During business hours
Length: 30min
Call for tour availability. More details.
1221 Ford Street
Golden, CO 80401