De Steeg Brewing

This is a quirky place in the hip Tennyson district -- but not technically on it! De Steeg is Dutch for "the alley." The entrance is not on Tennyson St.; it's in the alleyway parallel and to the east of Tennyson, just off 44th Avenue. So you're reminded of a speakeasy as you enter De Steeg -- and the loose, casual, dive-bar feel of the interior only helps increase the mood to drink beer! In its early days, the brewery has taken the "one and done" approach to brewing. So instead of a regular lineup of beers you will find whatever happens to be available on that particular day: We have enjoyed everything from barleywine and hoppy pale ales to wheat beers and saisons at De Steeg.
Tap Hours
Closed Mon-Tues
4pm-11pm Wed-Fri
2pm-11pm Sat
2pm-9pm Sun
4342 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212