Grandma's House

You guessed it: The Denver craft beer scene is so eclectic, even Grandma has joined the scene! This quaint brewery features impeccable design that makes you feel like you really are visiting Grandma. (There's even an Atari video set-up on an old TV which Grandma apparently played back in the 1980s...) The beer concept here is very unique: It's a collective. That means Grandma brews some of the beer while providing a "kitchen" for her "grandkids" (gypsy brewers) to brew their stuff. So when you drink here you typically sample beers from about four different craft brewers.
Oatmeal Stout (with and without Roasted Chili Peppers), ESB, Scottish Red, and the IPA.
Tap Hours
4pm-10pm Mon-Thurs
2pm-12am Fri
12pm-12am Sat
12pm-9pm Sun
1710 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210