Hogshead Brewery

The structure here is a chic, re-purposed 1950s gas station that fits in beautifully with the Slo-Hi neighborhood (the area between Sloans Lake and Highlands). There's a nice patio in front, leading toward the indoors tasting room -- a sunny space with a view into the brewery itself. This is one of those rare brewers that focuses entirely on a certain tradition of beer: English, in this case. Another unique thing here is that oftentimes you can choose your beer pour from either the CO2 pressurized keg or from a naturally carbonated cask. The latter gives you the quintessential British experience. As for food, feel free to bring your own, or order in from a nearby restaurant.
Chin Wag ESB, Lake Lightening (English Pale Mild Ale), Gilpin Black Gold (English Porter), Boy's Bitter, and Barge's Mild.
Tap Hours
4pm-9pm Mon-Wed
4pm-10pm Thurs
12pm-10pm Fri-Sat
12pm-8pm Sun
4460 W 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212
(303) 495-3105