Holidaily Brewing

Do you have a gluten-free diet or just want to take a "holiday" from gluten while still enjoying great beer? Then you should definitely try Holidaily Brewing, a craft brewery 100% dedicated to producing gluten-free beers! Just west of North Table Mountain, this place has a beautiful natural setting--practically surrounded by foothills--with a back patio to savor the scenery. In place of malted barley, the brewer here uses millet and buckwheat. Food trucks are common--and as you would guess, they offer gluten-free menu items.
Favorite Blonde, Buck Wit Belgian, and Fat Randy's IPA.
Tap Hours
Mon-Wed Closed
Thurs 2pm-9pm
Friday 2pm-10pm
Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 11am-8pm
801 Brickyard Cir., Unit B
Golden, CO 80403