Kokopelli Beer Company

This brewery has a family-friendly feel and a surprisingly diverse set of beers for a relatively small place. You can sip on everything from American IPAs and stouts to German styles and even a gluten-free option; plus guest taps from Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs and Wild Cider in Firestone, CO. That's a total of 30 taps. There's also an in-house kitchen that makes appetizers, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts.
Weizen-Up, Red Moon, Spencer's Pale Ale, Cow Tipper milk stout, Hopslugger IPA, Bodacious Blonde, and 8x8 Elk Nut Brown.
Tap Hours
11am-9pm Mon
11am-10pm Tues-Thurs
11am-11pm Fri-Sat
11am-9pm Sun
8931 Harlan Street
Westminster, CO 80031