Periodic Brewing

It started as "North America's highest craft brewery" because its original location is at an altitude of 10,156 feet in Leadville, Colorado. Fortunately, you can now access their awesome beers at about 5,000 feet, here in the northern suburbs of Denver. This location handles most of the production. The beers range from an easy-drinking Kolsch to seasonal offerings such as a Maple Bacon beer (a unique yeast strain creates the sensation of smoky bacon). The tasting room is designed to reflect this brewer's high-country roots: Skis adorn the walls, as do references to the periodic table of the elements...especially Pb which stands for Lead.
Kolsch, Tourmaline Black Ale, Hope Pass IPA and Sugarloaf Amber.
Tap Hours
3pm-9pm Mon-Thurs
12pm-10pm Fri-Sat
12pm-9pm Sun
2100 E. 112th Ave., Suite 1
Northglenn, CO 80233