Prost Brewing

This brewery brings Germany to Denver...Literally! The brewery equipment was brought here from a village in Bavaria where it had been used to produce German-style beers since 1963. The unique location, right off I-25, gives you a great view of the Denver skyline as you sip on your beer at long picnic tables, surrounded by German decor. Though there aren't many taps to choose from, that just doesn't matter: This brewery offers a premium product -- authentic German beer. The flagship beer is the Prost Pils, but they're also known for their WeiBbeir and Dunkel Bier.
Marzen - Oktoberfest, Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier, Weißbier, and Prost Pils.
Tap Hours
12pm-10pm Mon-Thurs
12pm-12am Fri
11am-12am Sat
11am-8pm Sun
2540 19th Street
Denver, CO 80211