Thirsty Monk

This brewery is based in Asheville, N.C. They expanded to Denver with this 12-barrel operation and cozy tasting room in 2018. So you get to taste the beers they've been working on here, along with the many others they brew back in North Carolina. They tend to adhere to the Belgian tradition, but they'll surprise you, too (consider the Farmhouse IPA). The mood here is down-to-earth and yet imaginative: They sometimes use wild yeast captured off their own roof. You can even order "food flights"--snacks, such as crisps, chick peas, and cheeses--alongside suggested beer pairings.
Abby Blonde and Strawberry Blonde.
Tap Hours
4pm-12am Mon-Thurs
12pm-1am Fri-Sat
12pm-10pm Sun
1604 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218