Ursula Brewery

What makes this craft brewer unique is their commitment to local music plus their vital approach to brewing. The first thing you notice here is that the beer lineup is flexible. Yes, they do have a core lineup of flagships, more or less, but they mix things up. For instance, you will typically find a Kolsch on tap ("Sleepyhead"), but there's no telling what fruit they may add to it. (They won a GABF Silver Medal in 2014 for this beer with passion fruit involved). To emphasize its love of beer plus music, Ursula does beer collaborations with local bands: They create a new beer inspired by a specific band who then come to play a live concert at the tapping party
Dogcatcher Red, Sleepyhead and the Hindenburg IPA.
Tap Hours
3pm-9pm Mon-Wed
12pm-9pm Thurs-Sat
1pm-7pm Sun
2101 N. Ursula St., #10
Aurora, CO 80045