Wit's End Brewing Company

Wit's End bills itself as a "nanobrewery." In other words, they brew just one barrel of beer at a time. By staying small and focused, Wit's End creates a "Melting Mug" of beer -- a unique, experimental approach to brewing which borrows from established traditions while blending in new savory touches of its own. For example, one popular offering called "Mick Jaggery" was an English-style ESB-- but with the addition of an Indian cooking sugar called jaggery. Now sharing space with Strange Craft Beer Company.
Jean-Claude Van Blond, Wilford Belgian Oatmeal IPA, Green Man Ale, Super FL IPA, and Kitchen Sink Porter.
Tap Hours
Closed Mon-Tues
4pm-8pm Wed-Thurs
2pm-8pm Fri
12pm-8pm Sat
2pm-6pm Sun
1330 Zuni, Unit N
Denver, CO 80204