The Best Summer Beers of 2016

By Aaron Burns on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Now that we've hit the Summer solstice, here’s our list of five summer beers to try from around the Denver area breweries during these longer, hotter days...


Tart 'n Juicy Sour IPA (Epic Brewing Co.) - Epic has attempted the tricky balance of blending a sour beer with an IPA. The result is a marvelously mellow yet distinct beer that hits your hops sweet-spot with just a touch of lip-puckering acidity.

Palm Tree Caribbean Lager (Odyssey Beerwerks) - What would have been a more ordinary German-style lager takes on exciting dimensions in this beer, thanks to the hop profile which adds a wonderful yet subtle spice character. Easy drinking and a beach-party feel, even if you're in beach-deprived Colorado.

Scary Stories S'mores Imperial Porter (Ursula Brewery) - This is a beer you should bring on a camping trip. A chocolate richness combines with the hint of slightly charred marshmallow. Gather round the campfire with this stuff.

Jean-Claude Van Blond (Wit's End Brewing Company) - They brew this beer year-round but it really shines in the summertime. It has a golden color and a spritzy body--perfect for a hot summer day. And the flavor is surprisingly complex.

Quixotic Belgian Quad (Fermaentra) - And now for something completely different. Who says you can't drink a Belgian Quad (10.5% ABV) on a hot summer day? A hefty beer, for sure, but a rare release that just happened to occur on June 18, 2016. So grab it now while you can.

Denver Brewery Guide's Summer Beers 2016 - Denver, Colorado