Transportation Services

Here is a list of Shuttle and Transportation Services in the downtown Denver area. Transportation information such as rates and times are accurate as of the time of publication here. Please check with each transportation vendor directly for exact prices and availability.

RTD Bus and Light Rail

RTD is the bus and light rail provider for the city of Denver. Check RTD routes on the RTD website for all times and departures.

Rates for RTD Buses

One-way bus fares are just $2.60 (local), $4.50 (regional), or $9.00 (airport) depending on how far you plan on traveling, and RTD buses are cash only.

Rates for RTD Light Rail

One-way light rail fares are just $2.60 (local), $4.50 (regional), or $9.00 (airport) depending on the number of fare zones you travel in for each one-way trip, and purchasing passes and ticket books will save you time and money.

Contact Info

(303) 299-6000


RTD Bus info
RTD Light Rail info

Denver B Cycle Program

Denver B-cycle depots are located all over downtown Denver (go to website link below to see map), and is priced for quick rides. After joining, you can take an unlimited number of rides during your membership/access period, and there is no additional charge for the first 30 minutes of any ride. Usage fees apply for rides exceeding 30 minutes.


$8 for 24 hours.
$20 for 7 days
$30 for 30 days
$80 for a yearly pass.

Usage Fees:
30 minute checkout is $0
30-60 minute checkout is $1
Each additional 30 minutes is $4

Contact Info

Phone number - (303) 825-3325.
E-mail -



Please note that listed rates and fares are subject to change without notice and are provided here for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for discrepancies or inaccuracies between what is posted on this page and what actual charges may be. Please be sure to confirm current rates with individual transportation companies.