Parking Information

Denver offers a multitude of parking options from off-street to on-street parking. If you're riding a bike, please note that the city of Denver doesn't want you to lock any bikes to any trees or benches, but rather lock them to designated bike racks all over downtown Denver. If you're on a motorcycle, you can fit up to 4 cycles per spot on any on-street parking spot, but no more than that. The city’s Parking In Denver webpages provide comprehensive information about towing, parking, traffic, bike routes, and such.

Whether you’re planning to walk, ride your bike, take a shuttle or cab, or drive yourself (make sure you have a designated driver!) from brewery to brewery , all parking options give great access to all of Denver’s outstanding breweries. For a complete look at parking and transportation options, check out the Downtown Denver Partnership's Parking pages for additional details, and interactive maps showing all the parking options available for your Denver brewery experience.

Off-Street Parking

Off-street parking simply means there are parking garages and parking lots that you pay for. There are approximately 44,000 different off-street parking spaces within Downtown Denver. These lots and garages are good to use if you plan on being in downtown Denver for longer than 2 hours. As mentioned previously, the Downtown Denver Partnership's Parking Pages are a great resource for finding off-street garages and parking lots.

On-Street Parking

Denver has recently installed 4,500 new parking meters that take both cash and credit cards. The current rate for on-street parking meters is $1.00 per hour, Monday through Satuday, from 8am to 2am. Between the hours of 8am and 10pm you'll need to move your vehicle at least 100 feet every 2 hours. This rule ends each day after 10pm. On-street parking in downtown is free on Sundays and city holidays. If you need to be in downtown Denver longer than 2 hours consider parking in a off-street location (see above paragraph). Visit ParkSmartDenver for more information about on-street parking.

Free Parking

Limited free parking is available at the edge of downtown Denver on the roads near Confluence Park and Commons Park (see map). Keep in mind these are 2 hour parking zones. It is only a 10-15 minute walk from there to the Wynkoop brewery.